Sunday, 9 December 2012

Salle de Fêtes: Neuvicq le Chateau

The Salle de Fêtes and the Rosseti House in Neuvicq le Chateau was a commision for the Rosseti family, essentially a 'house portrait'. While the commisions are nice I do find them very constraining . There is always a feeling the house has to be very accurate and recognizable which results in a loss of spontaneity and abstraction. In reflection if the painting was still in my studio there would be someone peddling a bike across the square to animate the painting and give the buildings scale. This was one of three produced for the same client, although the third is still in the studio waiting for final inspiration. Maybe that cyclist will finally appear with the proverbial baguette under the arm.

Incidently the frame is a design by Marc Hanson, a Colorado artist who has taught me  many things, both in actual painting and simple things such as 'how to build a light-weight inexpensive wet canvas carrier ', using duct tape and foamcore. See


  1. You did a good job on this, Bruce.Before I read the text I did not think "HOUSE PORTRAIT!" There's a post about a commission of my own that's dangling, on my blog. What size is this painting?

  2. Thanks, Donald. It is just a standard 41 x 32 (6F) canvas on board. Those mullioned windows are a bit of a pain at that size!

  3. Hi, Bruce - very nice painting there. Hope you read this. Re your question on accommodation this June - Me and my wife are staying in a chambres d'hotes at Saint Chartier. Here's my email address broken up illarteindotdenise
    then the arobase/at sign

    Then orangedotfr. Like that we could get in touch by mail if you like. Cheers. Jon