Thursday, 29 November 2012

More chickens

Here is another studio painting which I recently completed using a previous quick study as a reference (see previous post). I decided to intensify the shadow areas and the background to make the chicken a little more three dimensional. I also worked in more detail into the head area. I decided to reverse the image to avoid too much of a direct copy of the earlier syudy. My wife wants to keep this one and it is now in our kitchen. I again apologise for the handheld quick photo.

Another study for a chicken in motion, both hens belong to a neighbour. I took the reference photos while looking after them last fall. Unfortunately the red hen has since 'bought the coop'. I find it usefull to keep a file of local images for those rainy days in autumn as I am for the moment a fair weather plein air painter, unlike Donald Jurney and his hardy New Englanders.

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  1. Wasn't that a song...Poultry in Motion? These are well done, Bruce. Glad to see you posting, too. As for the hearty New Englanders, they took a pass last Friday (36 degrees F, with a wind chill that made it seem like 12F...or -11C). Speaking of chickens on the move, do you know La Thangue's "A Sussex Farm"?