Monday, 14 January 2013


                                           Clarissa    Oil on canvas 40 x40 (16" x 16")

What another chicken? This is actually the same chicken as posted earlier on a green background. There are only two left in our neighbour's flock, and the other chicken is not as photogenic. Due to the degree of shadow on her in this one I have used a yellow ochre background as a complementary to the primarily violet shadows . The theory is that the visual vibration between the two will make the object more three dimensional. There are still some edges to adjust but sometimes it is best not to fiddle too much.

I have had trouble posting recently. Blogger seems to have changed the format for creating posts and it has taken me a few weeks to figure out how it now works. I eventually had to open a Picasa web account and upload my photos to it and then post from there. It would be nice if they actually told you of the changes. So Happy New Year to all.


  1. Clarissa is very well done, Bruce. She gives new meaning to "fowl is fair...." (apologies to the bard---I couldn't resist.
    Thanks for the book nod. Only about 5 months to go til we paint the town red..

  2. Bruce, I agree with the frustration regarding uploading images now. I have to upload to picassa first now, too! It takes twice the time to post now as well. Enjoyed your paintings.

  3. Thanks, Tina. Glad to know I was not the only one having trouble. I enjoy your blog and your work. There is such a wonderful international community of artists out there and I am learning so much from so many.

  4. Bruce, please forgive my answering your question here on your art blog, I could not locate an email address.
    Via small print the source stated it was from a database of freely useable media files. There was no other source referenced for permission, so I accepted it as so. As the individual in the second link I referenced wanted others to be aware of the technology because she paid a dear price for not know. I may as well, as I can be terribly daft and gullable.

  5. Please excuse, that should have been 'because she paid a dear price for not knowing, I wanted others to be aware. I may pay a dear price as well...'

    That will teach me to respond before I've had coffee.