Wednesday, 21 March 2012

First plein air 2012: rainout

                                                            French Hen 30 x 30 (12"x12")
                                                  oil on gessoed board

Our Wednesday Plein-Air group headed out today for our first of the year session but the weather did not cooperate. Six of us persevered in Mike Harris's studio and pushed the paint around for a couple of hours. My wife had been asking for a chicken or two for the new kitchen so I tried the above study of a rusty coloured hen which she has been caring for over the winter.

The photo is just a quick snap in the studio, complete with glare. I'll try to post a propper one later.


  1. I see you're keeping up on your posting! Let me know, at , your thoughts on locations for next June's French workshop. JonInFrance has suggested a couple (Brittany, Hyeres), and Thomas Ehretsmann likes the Autun area (Bourgogne). I'm rather a fan of the neglected Berry, particularly the Boischaut Sud, Indre

  2. Posting? what's that? I know! I am having problems with my old camera, at least that's my current excuse. My wife says I can buy a new camera when I finish my last commision, but it is still lacking something...etc.

    About France: after considerable thought I would still plug for the Charente. It has beautiful vineyards, lovely hamlets, a lovely undeveloped river with secluded towpaths along most of the length and it is not too touristy! A friend of mine has a Gite complex with 10 rooms which has a large north facing studio space which would make a good wet day space or evening wrap up spot. Finish up the day sipping Cognac made next door. Just a thought.